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Vendeen dog rescue

Dog lovers of the Vendée – listen up.

Association Galia – giving dogs a second chance.

There’s an organisation in Fontenay le Comte called Association Galia who are doing fantastic work with the unloved, abandoned and mistreated dogs of the Vendée. They take in dogs of any age or breed and save about 100 dogs a year from death. They then help bring those dogs back to good health and rehabilitate those who are emotionally damaged as a result of ill treatment or neglect.  And they desperately need your help.  From making a donation (which you can do on their website), helping out at the refuge, raising funds, becoming a welcome family to help with rehabilitation or adopting a dog, there are lots of different ways to get involved and help give a dog a bright future.

Buffet and barbeque – 31st May  -help raise funds for this dog rescue and refuge centre.

dog resuce  France

Fund raising BBQ

Their next big fundraiser is on the 31st May in St. Martin des Fontaines and is not only a really important event in their fundraising calendar but also all set to be a great evening. I know many of you out there are dog lovers and this really is a good opportunity to do something to help.

You can find out more about Association Galia, their work and the BBQ at www.association-galia.fr and make sure you put the above event in your diary. Hope to see you there.

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