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Randonné in the Vendée

Time for a quick trip to Le Jardin de la Vendée.

I’m always on the look out for new places to explore and good days out in the Vendée so this week I thought I’d give a shout to an area that until recently I knew very little about. The cantons of Rocheserviere and St.Fulgent in the north of the Vendée, also known as the garden of the Vendée, are rich and diverse and whether you live in the area or just visiting, they have lots to offer.

Art and Culture in the Vendée.

The first thing that caught my attention about this area is that it appears to have a dynamic arts scene and is home to lots of creatives. If you love nothing better than to spend a day browsing art, then you are spoilt for choice here with dozens of studios dotted across the region. Whether it’s watercolours, landscapes, oil paintings or abstract that are your thing or perhaps you enjoy photography, jewellery design or basket weaving, there is an absolute wealth of talent to choose from. You can find out everything you need to know, as well as information about the frequent exhibitions held in the area at the local tourist office website at http://www.lejardindelavendee.fr/bouger/art-et-culture/.

local culture Vendée

Local artist Stephane Heuvelin

Walking and “Randocroquis”!

As with most of the Vendée, this area is a perfect place if you’re keen to do a bit of walking but I just love the idea of combing walking with art which is precisely the idea behind the Randocroquis trails. There are 4 trails, along the course of which you will come across regular sites for drawing or painting the landscape, with tips and assistance to boot. Part of a national scheme this is a great way to enjoy the landscape and improve and enjoy your own artistic flair.

Or if you like a bit of independence and adventure when you walk, you can rent a “visioguide/ GPS” from the local tourist office and navigate your own way round some of the regions trails. On top of which and as you’d expect in France, the area is well set up for rambling, walking, horse riding and cycling.

Again, if you do want to get out and about, you can find all the information you need at www.randocroquis.com and http://http://www.lejardindelavendee.fr/bouger/balades-et-randonnees/ 

Randonné in the Vendée

Innovative walks and GPS adventures.

Other fascinating attractions.

As with most of the Vendée, this is an area which is rich in cultural heritage and there are lots of museums and places of interest to visit, which include everything from embroidery museums, tractors exhibitions and the well known historic landmark of Chabotterie de la Logis, with its beautiful house.

museums in Vendée France

Historic days out

I am very grateful to the people of Le Jardin de la Vendée, for helping me discover this region which I might not otherwise have got around to visiting and enjoying and they’ve got a great Facebook page if you want to keep bang up to date with what’s on. If you’ve visited the area I’d love to hear your views or if you are a  creative or business in the area, why not get in touch and we’ll feature you on the blog.


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