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Fontenay le comte

Summer in the Vendée

Summer is well underway in the Vendée and the whole area is awash with sunshine, holiday makers, summer festivals and great things to do. If you’re in the area, you’d be hard pushed not to know about some of the many events that are going on but in case you find yourself with nothing to do, here are a couple of our suggestions:

1. If music is your thing, head down to St. Gilles and enjoy the last few days of 7 free concerts in and around the town as part of the “Les Musicales du Pays de St. Gilles” (ends 6th August so hurry). If you need to know more you can find them on Facebook or at http://www.payssaintgilles.fr/

2. For a taste of the Vendée’s history and a great day out, make your way to Tiffauges. The chateau has all sorts of  re-enactments and attractions and “Les Noctunes de Tiffauges” is a musical set aound the grim but intriguing story of the castle’s notorious occupant and child murderer, Gilles de Rais also known as Bluebeard. If you’d like to know  more information, they have a great website:  http://chateau-tiffauges.vendee.fr/Tiffauges-le-chateau-de-Barbe-Bleue/1-2-journee-de-spectacles-et-d-animations/Evenements/Les-Nocturnes-de-Tiffaugestiffauges

3. Fancy something a little quirky? What about Fontenay’s “Sens Dessus Dessous”, a family friendly guided tour through cellars and other mysterious, dark places which takes place in the shadows of early evening. It’s run on the 5th, 12th and 19th August so it’s not too late and prices are 6 euros for adults and 4 euros for children. For more information and details of what else is on in this renaissance town, here’s the link http://www.ville-fontenaylecomte.fr/agenda-flc/127-fontenay-sens-dessus-dessous.html

1096999_696354127105884_704802977558025381_o4. Throughout August and all the way down the Atlantic coast from St. Brevin les Pins right down to La Tranche sur Mer you can enjoy an absolute smorgasbord of free entertainment, with an eclectic mix of music, dance and street theatre which includes everything from African story telling, Burlesque dancing, rock and roll and blues and quite a lot more as part of La Deferlante, a free, family friendly, cultural event with a distinctive and international flavour. You’ll find the full August itinerary at www.ladeferlante.com

I hope that there is something here to keep you and the family entertained and if you have your own suggestions, be sure to let us know! Have fun and don’t forget the sun cream!

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