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Cycling in the Vendée

Have you tried the Vendée Tourisme Apps?

The Vendée Apps-  – is it just me who’s only just discovered them and are they any good?

I’m fairly new to the whole idea of downloading things to my mobile phone and having all that information at my fingertips. In fact you might even say I’m resistant so having stumbled across three free apps from the Vendée tourist board recently, I couldn’t help wondering whether you’re all using them on a regular basis and more importantly whether they are any good.

Vendée Tourisme App.

App for the Vendée

Get the App!

As I said, I am a app novice and so what I was looking for was something very easy to use and understand. The first thing to note about this app is of course that it’s in French but even a basic understanding, should be enough to help you get by. It’s got a fairly intuitive Home page where you can search for local resaurants, activities, events and places to stay and you can refine your search by way of way of reference to certain places or proximity to you. You can also refine your search further so if for example you are looking for a restaurant, you can chose French cuisine, world cuisine, pizza etc and once you’ve selected your search critieria it gives you lots of information as well as how far you are from them.

For me, this app delivered what I was hoping for, namely useful tourist information in and idiot proof manner and is definitely something I will be using in future.

Vendée Vélo – English or French versions.

I suspect if you are a serious cyclist, you may already have a cycling app or two but for those of us who just enjoy a bit of leisurely cycling in our spare time or when on holiday, the idea that you can access lots of route information as well as upload pictures of yourself, get weather forecasts etc  seems a good one.

However, the first thing I found was that my Android struggled with this app and kept stopping so in order to get a second and better opinion, I asked our resident tech expert Brian Fox for his views and this is what he found:

Cycling in the Vendée
The Vendée cycling App

 “There does seem to be a lot of useful  information on tourist sites, scenic spots, bicycle rental etc. However, the cycle routes part was a bit disappointing and the map is unintuitive because when you click on a route it shows you a scenic spot  rather than the actual path to take. You have to go back to the list and  then click back on map to show all the cycle routes near you and it’s quite difficult to tell them apart.”

“The user interface is another fail for me as it tries to be to clever with a wheel idea, but you end up having to hunt through quite small  diagonal scrolling text.  The sight or patience impaired are not  welcome here!”

“That said it does have some promise & with a bit of redesign could actually be quite useful. Unfortunately in it’s current state it’s the kind of app I’d  find incompatible with a stress free holiday. Better to cycle on over to the local tourist office.”

All said the Velo app has  1000+ downloads, 24+ 4 star ratings so does seem to be reasonably popular and of course the above is just our view. We’d love to know what you think, how you got on with it and better still, at the end of the day who comes out on top? Tourist Office or Mobile App?

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