motorbike repairs and renovations

The motorcycle specialist of the Vendée.

Anyone who visits the Vendée often or lives here, will know that Vendéens and the French have a love of motorbikes. What’s more it’s a great region for the motorbike enthusiast with local motorcycling clubs, quite a few regional motorbiking events which take place throughout the year and with the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race not far away.

Bikes in the Vendée France

Darren Hill of dhm motto – motorcycle specialist

And for anyone who is either an enthusiast or just a bike owner, there is one man in the Vendée who you really can’t afford not to know. Based in La Tardiere near la Chataigneraie but with a new workshop opening in Cheffois in February, Darren Hill of DHM moto is an Italian, Japaneese and classic British motorcycle specialist with 30 years experience of renovating, repairing, servicing and rebuilding bespoke, one off bikes and classics.

Having trained in Italy with Ducati and raced motorcycles himself, he has an unbeatable knowledge of engines and prides himself on doing all the work himself from sourcing difficult parts, engineering one offs, paint one offs and complete restorations, including zinc plating, chrome plating, bead blasting and electric repairs.

motorbike repairs and renovations

Unparalleled knowledge and experience

Whether you are looking to purchase or repair, Darren has a wealth of experience and contacts which is hard to beat, particularly in this area of France and if you’re looking  to buy, he can also source a bike for you. He’s bilingual and according to the people I’ve spoken to, he’s not only 110% reliable but always prepared, quite literally, to go that extra mile.

The warmer weather of spring is not far off and with it a chance for motorbike enthusiasts to get out on the road again. You can contact Darren on or phone on him 0251004216 (0033) or why not drive by and check out his new premises and the man himself in Cheffois.

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